REBOOTing the Lives & Careers of Our Troops and Boosting Our Workforce

Who We Are

OPERATION Skill-Bridge is a veteran workforce development initiative initially funded by the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation to develop a veteran talent pipeline from military service to key civilian industries to support local companies.

Lead by the San Diego Veteran’s Coalition’s Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship (E3) Action Group, in coordination with other veteran workforce development service providers, OPERATION Skill-Bridge is an orchestrated effort between multiple agencies, training providers, employers and the government.

Project Mission:

By focusing on and resolving the key reintegration issues of veterans and the challenges employers face trying to hire them, OPERATION SKILL-BRIDGE will orchestrate a predictable talent pipeline from military service to employment in priority sectors through a coordinated training effort with multiple agencies.

OPERATION Skill-Bridge is made possible with continued funding from the California Employment Training Panel (ETP) and donations from corporations, and is available to veterans, reservist, and transitioning service members with up to nine-months remaining on active service.

OPERATION Skill-Bridge has been designed to work seamlessly with the DoD’s SKILLBRIDGE  program.

Veteran Workforce Development Pipeline

An Industry-Driven, Community-Lead Initiative to Reboot the Lives & Careers of Transitioning Service Members and Veterans and Promote a Strong Workforce.

Transition Readiness Phase Soft Skills

Use evidence-based solutions only.

Leverage existing funds and resources. Centrally organize  and monitor cohorts.


•Veteran Engagement
•Referrals (SD United)
•Determine Eligibility (State Approved)
•REBOOT WorkshopTM– Military Mindset
•Workreadiness Training Certificate
•Career Decision – Job-Set AI
•Veterans Benefits
•Financial Services Needs Assessment

Technical Training Phase Hard Skills

Use local and regional training partners.

Courses selected are based on SDEDC/WFP regional job growth projections.

Courses Offered:

•Project Management Professional
•Cyber Security
•Information Technology
•Clean Technology
•Life Sciences
•Entrepreneur Development

Job Matching Phase Workplace Integration

Placement is based on course completion, the veteran’s career DNA (Smart Veteran Placement System), and regional employer participation.


•Employer Engagement
•Completed Transition Phase
•Completed Career Technical Training Phase
•Assigned a Veteran Career Counselor
•Referred to Veteran Placement Partners
•Initial employment must exceed 90-days
•Priority given to best match employers

OPERATION Skill-Bridge is Supported by